No noise, exhaust, odors, or chemicals = no long or short term illness for you, your family, children, pets, or neighbors!

And no contribution to climate change!


Here are some, though not all, dimensions of the problem:

FACT: Every time your landscaper visits you, you are further poisoning your family with polluted air from lawn mower and leaf blower exhaust. This includes combustibles, particulate matter, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), exhaust fumes, and other air pollutants contained in the exhaust from the machines. In the case of the leafblower it's double-jeopardy as its high velocity stream of air pointed at the ground kicks up voluminous--though sometimes invisible--clouds of toxic filth including insect eggs, parasites, asbestos fibers from automobile brake linings, animal dander and feces, insect parts, pollen, and many other undesirable and unhealthy elements that you absolutely don't want your kids breathing in.

FACT: As is the case with gravity, bacteria, or virii, you can't readily SEE air pollution! But it's there, slowly destroying the health of you and your family. And each time a leafblower, lawnmower, and string-trimmer is used on your property, you are further increasing the air pollution around and inside your home. And this is in addition to the pesticide and herbicides being applied to your lawn, all of which volatilize, meaning they vaporize and enter the airstream, where some of them remain suspended for extended periods of time. Then, you and your family breathe them in.

FACT:  Ultra-fine particulates (UFPs) are among the worst and most injurious offenders. They are the smallest class of airborne particles released by internal combustion engines such as those in cars and trucks, and in gas-powered lawn mowers and leaf blowers. Breathed in, they lodge in the deepest recesses of the lungs, where they can enter the bloodstream and cause cardiac and other difficulties. UFPs are responsible for widespread death and injury.

FACT:  Research shows that these Ultra-Fine Particulates (UFPs) causes the premature death of thousands of elderly each year. Meaning, among other things, if you're lucky enough such that Mom and Pop, or Grandma and Grandpa, are still around and you want them to remain "around," you do NOT want gas-powered lawn equipment used on, or near, your property.

The research states not that the likelihood of death of ill older individuals is hastened, but that were it not for breathing in these UFPs, the individuals in question would not have suffered a premature death, at all.

FACT:  Some of the toxic materials produced by gas-powered lawn mowers and leafblowers will remain suspended in the airstream for hours or even days.

FACT:  The research also reveals that if you're pregnant, these airborne toxins are endangering your unborn child, as well.

FACT:  Use of conventional pesticides or herbicides anywhere on your property, inside or out, dramatically increases the risk of childhood leukemia for your children.

FACT:  Every time your landscaper visits, you are further destroying the hearing of you and your family with the deafening noise from this same machinery.

FACT:  You don't have to feel "bothered" by leafblower and lawnmower noise for it to slowly destroy the hearing of you and your family, and damage your, and their, "autonomic" nervous system.

When your child takes a hearing test at age 17 and the doctor or audiologist reports that they've already lost hearing capacity, even at such a young age-you'll know why. Perhaps at that moment you'll remember THE QUIET CUTTER.

Sorry - there'll be no concert pianists in your family if this keeps up!


I'm a health educator, and I recommend careful review of my Internet health resource Keys to Good Health, especially the Lawn & Garden sections. Additionally, to confirm my assertions, above, you can search the Net yourself:  try the following search string, or any subset of it, omitting the quotation marks: "ultra-fine particulates pesticide use cancer precocious puberty xenoestrogens childhood leukemia gas mower leafblower leaf blower hazards pregnant hearing loss lawn chemicals children elderly pets"



And manual cutting produces healthier and better-cut grass, too, which is why golf courses use manual push mowers to cut their grounds, not gas equipment!

- I use a modern version of the old-fashioned push or "reel" mower, or in some cases an electric mower, instead of a gas-powered, the latter being both deafening and polluting.

- I use a simple rake and broom, not a gas-powered or even electric leaf blower. These, again, are both deafening and polluting.

Call me, Vincent Frank De Benedetto, The Quiet Cutter, at 1-800-QUIET-CUT (pending) or email me at for a free estimate. You have nothing to lose, and so much to gain. Indeed, this will TRULY be one of the best decisions you'll ever make for yourself, your family, your pets, and your community!


I offer lawn mowing, shrub trimming, soil testing, weeding, clearing overgrowth, spring and fall clean-ups, and fertilization exclusively with OMRI-listed materials, so human waste, sludge, or other toxic material is not applied to your lawn, as with Milorganite or certain other conventional fertilizers.


Reel (i.e. push) mower, machete, rake, broom, manual clippers and trimmers, some electric tools; corn gluten, milk thistle; knowledge, wisdom, and love. Future tools may include the historic implement called the scythe (sith).

Never used: any kind of gas equipment; conventional lawn chemicals or fertilizers.



To prepare for your first visit from THE QUIET CUTTER, please refrain from having any chemicals or fertilizers of any kind applied to your property for a minimum of 90 days. Then call me. Why? I'm going to start your property fresh the organic way. Additionally, as I'm trying to protect the health of you, your family, and your neighbors, so am I trying to protect my own health--I don't want to breathe that nasty toxic stuff in, either!


Pricing is based on what your present landscaper charges, whenever possible. I charge by the job, and don't charge exorbitant fees. To me, you are a brother or sister in our one human family that I'm seeking to assist, not a "customer." I was a health educator, philosopher, and Agape Master long before I began cutting lawns.


Do you seek enlightenment, personal growth, and moral elevation?

Such improvement occurs in our increasing ability to Love, others and ourselves, and you might not be aware that your choice of landscaper can be a powerful assist. This is because the irritations and injuries of conventional lawn care, starting with the sheer noise usually involved, is likely injuring and alienating your neighbors, and hurting you and your children, whether you realize it or not. So when you convert to lawn care that is silent and chemical-free, interjecting nothing harmful or deleterious to your neighborhood environment, your neighbors will breathe easier literally and figuratively. Whatever hostility or chagrin that was engendered by your former lawn care routines will disappear, creating a more harmonious relationship between you and they--in other words an environment of Love will be established because you took an enlightened step, that is, a step that no longer causes pain for other people, in this case your neighbors (and yourself, and your family).

This is an example and subset of the larger reality that the opportunity and ability to Love, or not, can be found in, and across, every life circumstance--just keep your eyes open.


Towns that I will travel to include, but are not limited to:  Bloomfield, Carlstadt, Clifton, East Rutherford, Englewood, Fairlawn, Garfield, Glen Rock, Hackensack, Hawthorne, Lake Hiawatha, Lodi, Maplewood, Maywood, Montclair, Nutley, Paramus, Parsippany, Passaic, Pine Brook, Ridgewood, Rutherford, Saddle Brook, Tenafly, Totowa, Upper Montclair, Upper Saddle River, Wayne, West Paterson, and Woodridge.


THE QUIET CUTTER is a new venture for me. Property work using manual landscaping and gardening tools is not new to me, as I do it regularly on my own property. Offering the most expansive form of said work, however, and doing so in a commercial framework, is. I believe that I can satisfactorily perform such work, as most of it is relatively straightforward. If a requested task is beyond my capability or knowledge level, however, I will apprise you, perhaps performing said task at a reduced rate, or even gratis. I certainly will not charge you for a task performed unsatisfactorily.


An Internet search will yield a number of N.J. companies offering organic lawn care, or some variant, thereof--and I'm gratified at the increasing demand, and response to the demand, for this kind of service. What is the point of differentiation, however, with THE QUIET CUTTER? The answer is to be found in my very name: THE QUIET CUTTER. In cutting your lawn, hedges, and shrubs, I assure you that other companies do not offer use of manual tools--the very method I use to ensure QUIET mowing, trimming, and cutting. I know because I've inquired, myself, over the years for care of my own property, and no one would do it with "old-fashioned" manual tools.

Even companies with an organic or quasi-organic orientation in treating the lawn, still use power equipment, overwhelmingly gas, in cutting the lawn. You may find a company here or there willing to use electric equipment, but none will likely use all manual tools or a healthy mix of both types, manual and electric, except perhaps by charging an exorbitant, possibly prohibitive, amount of money. Manual tools require manual labor, and manual labor is very resource-intensive. It requires large amounts of time and energy. High volume companies with many customers to see must, of necessity, hew to some form of the "blow and go" philosophy, meaning, get in fast, do the work fast, and get out fast.

Obviously, I don't do things that way.


I'm not asserting that the following two examples are necessarily representative of every organic provider, and I respect that these two providers are making an effort to deliver landscaping services in a healthier and more enlightened way. In examining their promotional materials, however, I found:

  • The web site of the first provider expends many words attempting to persuade people of his organic commitment--only to include a photograph of a worker using a noisy and polluting conventional gas leafblower, captioned "Service is Key."

  • The second provider features a YouTube video demonstrating how he aerates soil--with a noisy and polluting gas aerating machine.

I'm not kidding.


If you hire me, if desired I'm going to provide an additional service, without charge. I'm a (non-credentialed) health educator, knowledgeable in emotional and environmental health. I've been interested in health for years; as my parents began aging, and I caregave them, my level of knowledge increased further. Besides acquiring information by reading and listening, for years, and today, to radio interviews with top health and medical personnel such as allopathic (i.e. conventional) doctors, holistic healers, and medical researchers, I've had a number of family experiences with doctors, hospitals, and nurses that have been very, sometimes disturbingly, illuminating. I've been ejected from hospitals thrice:  twice for trying to protect my loved one, and once because a nurse administrator reacted inappropriately to a circumstance that had arisen. I've been in battle with the health-care system. Maybe you have, too.

As stated, I'm knowledgeable in emotional and environmental health. I conceptualize "environmental health" as referring to both your exterior environment such as inside and outside your house, and your interior environment, which is the inside of your body. If you wish, upon my first job for you I will take a walk-through tour of your entire house and property, and give you my impressions and advice concerning anything I observe that may be deleterious to the health of you and your family.

I will also, if desired, colloquy (i.e. converse back-and-forth) with you regarding any emotional disturbance or conflict that you may be experiencing, whether interpersonal or perceived as within yourself, though even this latter kind of conflict likely roots in an earlier or present interpersonal difficulty. In fact, research shows that most physical maladies are rooted in emotional disturbances, which is not surprising given how inept we humans are in interacting with our fellow humans. We continually trip over our own emotional and behavioral feet, causing injury to ourselves and especially others, all the time. The product? Pain of various kinds. This unresolved pain, whether given or received, commonly manifests in this or that physical symptom. I can help with this, as well, which I will do on an initial one-time basis. If you desire further or continuing conversation, instead of, or in addition to, the lawncare that I'm providing, that would be fine although I'd obviously be inclined to charge you, unless you genuinely couldn't afford it. Then, I would try to help you as much as I could, gratis.

I would not provide assistance with emotional health as a licensed counselor, which I am not, but as an Agape Master, which I am.


As of November 04, 2017, I'm offering paid counseling to assist you in solving your life problems, of whatever kind. As just stated, I cannot and will not provide assistance as a licensed counselor, which I am not, but as an Agape Master, which I am. Moreover, and relatedly, I am an individual who has burned, and burns yet, in the crucible of a world of nonlove. While Brotherly Love, properly understood, is our most powerful social force, the opposing phenomenon or force that I refer to in my work as nonlove is our most powerful negative social force. Brothers and Sisters, I can assure you that most, if not all the pain that you have, are, and will experience in your life is due to lack of Love--from others, and from yourself. This lack of Love can originate in an individual such as a spouse, work manager, or simply the neighbor next door, or from a group of persons, such as, commonly, a particularly problematic group of persons called a "corporation."

Nonlove, originating from whatever quarter, is the fundamental reality of human relationships and explains why they skew:  from marital infidelity, to medical malpractice, to addiction and overeating, to bigotry, to international acts of Terror, and everything in between. All are caused by a global order based on profit, and its symbiotic pernicia, ego. Love simply cannot flourish under such social conditions.

I will counsel you gratis as part of your lawn care regimen, as promised above, or for a fee, if you wish more extensive assistance. For the latter, $20/hour sounds very fair to me; rather low, in fact. If you genuinely can't pay, I'll help you, anyway.


Contact me by telephone immediately at 1-800-QUIET-CUT (pending) or email at Every subsequent application or service by a conventional landscaper, lawn-cutting service, or lawn treatment service means further injury to you, your family, children, pets, and neighbors--of this there is no doubt.

About the Owner

I'm Vincent Frank De Benedetto, philosopher, musician, New York Times-quoted writer, Agape Master, health educator, Silence Activist (and here and here), family caregiver, and the former resident Leafblower & Community Relations Expert at Noise Free America, a national anti-noise organization. I have a B.A. in Philosophy from Seton Hall University.

This site went live on Thursday, September 15, 2017.




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